ECOSYSTEM MARKETPLACE – Forest Carbon Partners tops environmental news stories of 2014


New Forests was honoured to learn that Ecosystem Marketplace’s readership has voted our Yurok Tribe/Forest Carbon Partners CKGG Improved Forest Management Project as the top environmental markets news story of 2014. The story  published in April 2014, California issues first forestry compliance offsets, highlighted the issuance of California compliance offsets to the Yurok Tribe/Forest Carbon Partners project, which was the first project designed, registered, and issued credits under California’s regulatory forest carbon offset protocol. At the time, the California Air Resources Board (“ARB”) approved issuance of over 836,000 ARB offset credits to the project. New Forests financed, developed, and managed credit sales for the project as part of its California-based investment program, Forest Carbon Partners. The project’s registration and credit issuance were significant milestones in the development of the California offset system and paved the way for forestry projects to take the lead as the largest source of climate abatement for the state’s cap-and-trade program by mid-2014. Learn more about the project and the Top 10 Stories of 2014  on Ecosystem Marketplace.

As of January 2015, Forest Carbon Partners has registered three projects on private and tribal forestlands in the United States, been issued more than 1.2 million offset credits, and has listed an additional six forest carbon offset projects for the California greenhouse gas emissions trading system.