Forest Carbon Partners finances and develops forest carbon offset projects for the California Carbon Market.

Forest Carbon Partners is an investment vehicle managed by New Forests.

Through Forest Carbon Partners, New Forests works with family, industrial, and tribal landowners to create carbon offset projects that deliver real financial value – increasing and diversifying revenue for timberland owners. These investments deliver a reliable, high-volume supply of offsets to businesses regulated under the California cap-and-trade system.

Project Portfolio

Forest Carbon Partners works with third-party landowners to develop high-quality, high-impact forest carbon offset projects. Our portfolio of projects spans the continental United States and Alaska, encompassing a variety of forest types and ecological values and benefiting a range of partners, including non-profits, Native American tribes and corporations, and family forest owners. Projects are developed under a rigorous carbon accounting protocol approved by the state of California, and all projects must pass third-party verification prior to issuance of carbon offsets. This protocol and verification process provides assurance to credit buyers and stakeholders alike that Forest Carbon Partners’ projects not only generate compliance-grade carbon offsets but also ensure protection of ecological values.

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Carbon Offset Sales

Forest Carbon Partners delivers a reliable, high-volume supply of ARB-compliant offsets to businesses regulated under the California cap-and-trade system. Investment funds managed by New Forests, including Forest Carbon Partners, have sold millions of forest carbon offsets into the California compliance market to date. New Forests currently manages a portfolio of projects in Forest Carbon Partners and our Carbon Forestry investment program that totals more than USD 100 million delivered and forecast California Compliance Offsets (CCOs).

Forest Carbon Partners can offer CCOs in small and large lots via forward contracts or spot contracts. We structure offset sales to meet a wide range of compliance needs, and we are experienced in rapidly and efficiently meeting the due diligence requirements of CCO purchasers.

In addition to our current projects, Forest Carbon Partners maintains a growing pipeline of hundreds of thousands of acres of timberland in various stages of origination and contracting. Many of our projects protect charismatic, high conservation value forests in California and other states, often owned by family forest owners and Native American tribes.

Our aggregated portfolio of projects reduces delivery risk and provides a single point of contact for offset purchase and sales contracting. Forest Carbon Partners offers a scalable, long-term, competitively priced source of ARB offset supply for California compliance buyers.

Climate Mitigation and Co-Benefits