New Forests Advisory Business Grows with Launch of San Francisco Office


SAN FRANCISCO, CA – New Forests announces the official launch of its new business line, New Forests Advisory Inc (NFA Inc), supporting the growth of its global advisory business and expanding client base. Marisa Meizlish has been appointed Director of the new company and reports to David Brand, Managing Director of the parent company, New Forests Pty Limited in Sydney, Australia. NFA Inc is an extension of New Forests Advisory business line, originally managed from the Sydney headquarters.

“The opening of the San Francisco office reflects the extraordinary growth of environmental markets in the past year and New Forests’ position as a leading service provider,” Brand said. “The advisory business is New Forests’ IP engine, and we look forward to working with existing and new clients and adding to our range of services.”

New Forests is a forestry investment management and advisory services firm specializing in business models that deliver additional returns from emerging environmental markets, such as carbon, biodiversity and water. The advisory business helps clients engage with environmental markets and commercialize and invest in products based on ecosystem services. In the past year, New Forests Advisory business has consulted with clients on 5 continents, providing services such as business plans for environmental assets, commercial analysis of carbon-finance for forest conservation and the development of market-based tools for biodiversity investment.

With the launch of the San Francisco office, New Forests Advisory will build a dedicated team to respond to growing market opportunities. Amanda Hawn has joined New Forests in the role of Manager, Advisory Services, and the business will be adding additional forestry, policy and analyst positions. The office will also support New Forests’ investment businesses – New Forests Asset Management in Sydney, which manages three forestry funds focused on Australasian investments, and New Forests Inc in Washington, D.C., which jointly manages The Eco Products Fund with Equator Environmental, focusing on carbon, biodiversity and environmental investments primarily in the U.S.

NFA Inc works with private businesses, investment organizations, NGOs, foundations, government agencies and multinational corporations, providing services in the following areas:

  • commercial strategies for developing land-based environmental assets in regulatory and voluntary markets (carbon, biodiversity, water, soil conservation, biomass energy, biofuels)
  • policy analysis for public and private entities related to emissions trading markets, land-based carbon offsets and forest conservation
  • analysis of environmental asset supply chains and environmental impact mitigation markets
  • coordination of multi-stakeholder projects that deliver timber plus environmental asset returns

New Forests

New Forests is a forestry investment management and advisory services firm currently managing over $150 million in timberland and environmental assets. The company’s investment thesis is unique in seeking assets that deliver traditional timber returns, as well as returns from emerging environmental markets and preferences, such as certified timber, carbon, biodiversity and water. In addition to world-leading forestry investment expertise in the areas of acquisitions, modeling, operations, silviculture and ecosystem services, New Forests is at the forefront of evaluating opportunities and commercializing environmental products from emerging environmental markets. The company is headquartered in Sydney, Australia, with offices in Washington DC and San Francisco and holds an Australian Financial Services License. For more information, please see

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