New Forests Appointed as Timberland Manager by UK’s Pension Protection Fund

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SYDNEY (26 November 2012) – New Forests Pty Limited (“New Forests”) is pleased to announce
that it has been appointed as a timberland investment manager by the Pension Protection Fund
(“PPF”) of the United Kingdom.
New Forests’ capacity to offer high quality, sustainably managed timberland investments in the Asia
Pacific region will contribute to the implementation of an expanded alternative assets portfolio by
the PPF.
“We are delighted to work with PPF as they diversify their portfolio into timberland and other asset
classes. New Forests’ timberland funds are designed to provide investors with stable returns and an
emphasis on sustainable management of our investments,” said David Brand managing director of
New Forests.
For further information, also see “PPF Appoints Farmland and Timberland Fund Managers” at