• Director, New Forests Timber Products
    David Evans

    David Evans

    Director, New Forests Timber Products

    David Evans is responsible for managing New Forests Timber Products, which was established to provide marketing services for New Forests’ hardwood investments in Tasmania and mainland Australia. He is responsible for generating markets for the annual 3.5 million GMT of hardwood chip, biomass, and log production and maintaining and developing the customer relations across the world market. He has over 30 years of experience in international trade development in North Asia and the woodchip market in particular. David has lived and worked extensively throughout North Asia for 20 years, developing strong relationships with target industries. David has a Bachelor of Arts and a Master of Business Administration specialising in International Finance and Trade from the University of Queensland in Australia.

    New Forests Timber Products is a wholly-owned subsidiary of New Forests Pty Ltd and was established in 2015 as an expansion of New Forests’ services into timber marketing in order to capitalise on the scale and quality of forest resources managed by the company. To learn more visit the New Forests Timber Products website.

  • Administration Manager, New Forests Timber Products
    Leonie Overweter

    Leonie Overweter

    Administration Manager, New Forests Timber Products

    Leonie Overweter provides administrative support for New Forests Timber Products, which is responsible for wood fibre marketing from New Forests’ Australian hardwood estate. Leonie supports client contract negotiation and is responsible for administration, sales, and logistics documentation, and customer relations. Having over 14 years of experience in the bulk logistics field, she has developed strong industry relationships that assist with timely and concise sales documentation for 3.5 million green metric tonnes of wood fibre per annum. Leonie has been engaged in the timber industry for nearly 20 years, commencing as a contractor advocate liaising between government and timber companies. Leonie has Certificates II – IV in Business Administration and is currently undertaking Chinese language studies.

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